Learn how to keep your precious jewelry shiny and beautiful for years to come with these tips!

The purchase of a piece of jewelry is certainly a considerable financial investment and often has an important sentimental value.

By following these few tips, you will ensure their longevity and enjoyment for a long time to come, as will the generations that will inherit them.

1. Handling

Many people have the reflex to put their fingers directly on the gemstones of their jewelry, which should absolutely be avoided. Fingers are naturally greasy, and sometimes even covered with hand cream, which will certainly leave a film on the top of the gems and take away their shine. A pity! Also, if you put your rings on by pressing on the top of the gemstone, the claws that hold it in place could move in the long run under the repeated pressure of your fingers. The only way to put on a ring is to handle it from the sides, on the band. If your ring is set with gemstones, take it easy and remember to put a soft cloth over the ring as you put it on, to avoid contact with your fingers. The same goes for gemstone stud earrings.

2. Cleaning and observation

Since jewelry gets dirty quickly, regular scrubbing with a soft cloth is recommended. It is not inadvisable to use the familiar method of warm soapy water and a toothbrush, but this homemade procedure will never make your gemstones shine as much as cleaning them with an ultrasonic machine.

These machines have become affordable and can be a good investment if you own several pieces of gold and gemstone jewelry. Diamonds, rubies, garnets, sapphires, aquamarines, topaz, among others, react very well to ultrasound. On the other hand, avoid putting very included gems such as emeralds as well as organic gems like pearls, coral, amber, jade, lapis lazuli, opals and turquoise. If in doubt, contact us!

As for silver, get into the habit of rubbing your jewelry regularly with a cloth specially designed for silver, and place your jewelry away from light and moisture, in soft cloth pouches. Professional polishing is always an option in case of deterioration.

It is also a good idea to check the condition of your claws from time to time to make sure you are not about to lose a gemstone. Use a magnifying glass, or feel free to come see us if you want a professional opinion on the condition of your precious jewelry.

3. Activities to avoid

It is highly recommended to remove your rings before practicing any impact sport activity such as golf and tennis. Every stroke of the club or racket is very bad for the longevity of your jewel and could in the short or medium term deform the ring or make you lose gems.

We also suggest that you remove your jewelry before a visit to the beach. The sand could damage them, and earrings and chains are at risk of falling off under the power of the waves.

Finally, wear gloves when using household products, some of which can be aggressive to your jewelry. Organic gems such as pearls and opals do not react well to perfumes and other beauty products; it is even better to remove this type of jewelry before taking a shower.

4. Storing

Your jewelry collection is growing but you still use the same little storage box? Be careful! Your jewelry could damage each other. For example, if you own jewelry with diamonds, which are harder than any other gemstone, they could scratch other jewelry pieces, pearls and even the gold of your rings. And needless to say, your chains could get tangled up. Also, if you leave your silver jewelry exposed to the air and humidity, you will accelerate their oxidation considerably.

Suggestion: treat yourself to a well-compartmentalized jewelry box in which rings are secured in pads, stud earrings are pinned so they don't touch each other and chains, bracelets and hoop earrings are placed in racks. There are several models on the market, most of which you can even travel safely with.


For those who don't want to bother with a jewelry box, small plastic bags with clasps will do the trick. Although not very chic, these bags will protect your jewelry by preventing it from getting damaged and will keep it safe from humidity.



- place only one piece of jewelry per bag

- leave the clasp of your chains hanging out of the bag by holding it still on the outside of the bag so that the chain cannot get tangled inside the bag

- place one earring inside a bag, close it, place the second earring on top of the bag and roll the bag over itself to secure the second earring, then place this rolled bag inside a second bag.

You can then place these bags on top of each other in a box without putting your jewelry at risk. This is also a highly recommended method for long-term storage, such as in a safe. You will find your jewelry perfectly intact years later!

Keep in mind that pieces of jewelry are not fragile objects, but they are delicate and require care and attention!