Surround yourself with beauty and feel the love!

Custom & Bridal Jewelry

The custom fabrication of a fine jewelry piece at Ruby Mardi is an enjoyable experience from start to finish. The boutique becomes a private salon just for you as we present you stunning gemstones, natural or lab-grown diamonds, and discuss all your options and design possibilities before we start working on creating the piece.

Plus, you'll receive artistic photos of your jewelry and other memorable surprises!

Learn more about the entire process of creating a custom jewelry piece, or take a private appointment now.

Designer Fine Jewelry

With a welcoming and relaxed ambiance that emphasizes joy, romance and delight, Ruby Mardi is Montreal’s destination for discovering high quality one-of-a-kind jewelry creations from Montreal and Canada's most inspired jewelry designers.

Offering delectable designs for engagements, special occasion and everyday wear, you won't find a wider variety of looks and options anywhere in Montreal than you will at Ruby Mardi.

Every treasure is handmade with passion by artisans who deeply care about the ethical and sustainable aspect of jewelry.

Beauties 🖤

A feast for the eyes meets you at every turn, with sensual creative curiosities and an abundance of fresh and dried florals within to tantalize the senses and make the heart skip a beat.

To us, luxury is all about being able to surround yourself with beauty, and that's what we strive to do at Ruby Mardi. A simple flower can bring you great happiness, as can a piece of designer jewelry.

Life is nothing without pleasure, and our store is dedicated to stirring the soul of everyone who visits us with moments of pure magic.

love 🖤 carefully chosen flowers 🖤 high end jewelry 🖤 cutom made engagement rings 🖤 sensual creative art 🖤 good vibes

"There's no time to lose, " I heard her say
Catch your dreams before they slip away

- Ruby Tuesday, The Rolling Stones

About the owners

Ruby Mardi opened in 2020 as an imaginative revelation in the union of two creative souls, Victor Benaderette and Karène Lefebvre.

Benaderette, founder of Bena Jewelry, lends his expertise and finesse to Ruby Mardi’s jewelry designs. Lefebvre expresses her talents as a graphic designer, artistic director and stylist through Ruby Mardi’s atmosphere and visuals. Both of them also craft the stunning floral arrangements sold in the shop.