Rooz Jewellery

Roozbeh Rastegar is an artist, designer, jeweller, and maker. He was born into an artisan family in Tehran, Iran. Unlike his family, he studied mathematics in high school and Ceramic engineering at university. However, he has always been fascinated by the creativity exuding from the minds of artists and inventors; the process in which they add something new to this world and give life to something that didn't exist before!

In 2017, he took Jewellery Art Program at George Brown College in Toronto to incorporate his hand skills and creative mind. While studying, Roozbeh launched his jewellery brand ROOZ Jewellery and has continued growing his handmade business ever since. While completing his advanced jewellery diploma, Roozbeh has received multiple prestigious awards such as the Canadian Emerging Artist by the Canadian Gemological Association.

ROOZ means "day" in Persian language. It is bright, hopeful, and energetic. 

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